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Nuclear Blast is the world leading independent Heavy Metal label as well as the top address for mailordering CDs, Vinyls, Tickets, Merchandise and a lot more concerning the Heavy Metal scene. The label icons such as Eluveitie, Accept, Blind Guardian, Epica, Hammerfall, Nightwish, Kataklysm, Meshuggah, Sepultura, Dimmu Borgir, Amorphis, Edguy, Anthrax, Wintersun, Rhapsody, Unleashed, Exodus, Doro, Deathstars, Machine Head, Overkill, Epica, Immortal, Agnostic Front, Sonata Arctica and some more main acts.

Nuclear Blast has also one of the world leading Metal Online-Shops for CDs, Vinyl, T-Shirts, DVDs and Tickets from ALL important metal bands out there, as well as accessories such as Band Shirts, Girlies, Accessoires and a lot more from the Metal scene. With a choice of more than 30,000 different items and worldwide shipping, you are very likely to find what you are looking for.
Nuclear Blast also publishes the legendary BLAST! Magazine quarterly which, being the mailorder catalogue, not only serves the die hard Metal fans, but also lists the latest merch and other items that a metalhead needs.

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