© Scumtroopers

Band: Scumtroopers

Genre: Hardcore/Thrash Metal

Bandmitglieder und Funktion: Bolles – Drums / Grimes – Guitars / Anya – Bass / Alex – Screams

Heimatstadt: Speyer



Über uns: We are the Scumtroopers! A bunch of misfits. Ugly, filthy and crude. Fighting in a war of daily horror, created by society. Living in a place of jealousy, greed, lies, obstinacy and selfishness. Betrayed by government, ruling only for own favours.

The Music:
No gimmicks, no bullshit – HC/Thrash straight in your face!
Emotions, anger and wrath. Stronger than absolute accuracy.
Mostly parts recorded live without re-recordings or overdubs.
Influenced by bands like Slayer, Fear of God and Pro Pain.

The Lyrics:
First of all – we are not a political band! We are no Nazis and no Communists!
Our enragement is not driven by colours, races, gender or sexuality.

War is cruel and we don`t support this way of power struggle. And war is stupid. All the same if it is by means of religion, territory, ressources or force.
But war in our context is the most properly display of human brutality and hate.

In a final step:
We dont want to be perceived as hostile to soldiers or even blame them in any way. Especially they have fought for their country or risked their life for their conviction. Scumtroopers is the name of what we feel about for us – not a dispraise of soldiers.

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