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Kozmik Artifactz is an independent rock record label that specialises in limited edition, high quality vinyl releases. We don’t discriminate or get distracted by sub-genres – if it rocks, it fucking rocks! Be it heavy rock, stoner rock, psych rock, fuzz or doom; if it causes our heads to bang, we dig it.

We are fans of the music first and foremost, and as such, believe that good music deserves to be treated with love and respect. That is why all of our vinyl releases are pressed in Germany on high quality 180g vinyl. Each release comes available in an array of colours to compliment each albums artwork. All records come presented in a beautiful, heavy gatefold covers. Finally, every release is 100% limited edition and hand-numbered as certification.

As well as being a small independent label ourselves, we work with a network of other independent labels, distributors, bloggers, publications, promoters and festivals all bound by their passion and love for underground rock and metal music.

This is real music, made for the fan, by the fan!

Keep it Kozmik!

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