Destroy Them

Band: Destroy Them

Genre: Thrash Metal

Bandmitglieder und Funktion: Chris Tsitsis: Lead Guitars / Backing Vocals, Hendrik Tuschmann: Vocals / Rhythm Guitars, Marius Ickert: Bass, Jerome Reil: Drums

Heimatstadt: Essen




Über uns: (Short Bio) – DESTROY THEM wurden 2017 aus der Taufe gehoben und zwar starteten sie ihre Karriere nirgendwo anders als in Essen. Vier Jungspunde vereint, um ihre ‘Thrash Metal’-Manie mit einem modernen Ansatz unters Volk zu bringen. 

Ohne Zeit zu verlieren, haben sie ihr Arsenal mit ihrer ersten offiziellen Veröffentlichung aufgestockt: Ihre EP namens “Use Hate” – aus drei Songs bestehend -, die nicht nur beweist, dass sie genau wissen, was sie machen, sondern die auch ihre Fähigkeiten auf einem professionellen Level unter Beweis stellt.

(Full Bio) – Legend holds that when one door is closing, another one is likely to open. Out of 2015’s last breath and into the beginning of 2016, things got interesting and fate brought those four people together for the beginning of a new era.

This band is formed to destroy and will be continuing the contribution to the Thrash Metal scene.

Influences begin from the roots of traditional Heavy, to the ice-cold Norwegian Black Metal, as they are crushing any borders of the narrow-minded.

The original line-up was formed by the lead guitarist Chris Tsitsis, who wanted to start anew and sans reflections of the past. The first days of the band begun with Chris and Jerome Reil jamming together in Essen, Germany. Soon Marius Ickert was invited to join the band as the low end leader and Hendrik Tuschmann as the frontman and second guitarist.

As soon as the band had a handful of songs ready, they decided to make the first step and released their first 3-piece-EP under the name of “Use Hate” in early 2018. Recorded in the summer-autumn of 2017, a primitive version of the band’s first compositions and their will to teach, whoever is willing to listen, that hatred is a bold way to stand your ground and stay strong against anyone or anything that is attacking your personality or oppresses you in any way.

Soon the material that is being rehearsed shall be immortalised in the form of their upcoming debut album.

Always remember…

“When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.”

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