ROUGH GRIND – IS NOT AFRAID TO SPEAK OUT – The new single Gilded Cage portrays what is wrong with the world today! (english Version)

Promo picture: Tommi Saarinen


The Finnish rock/metal band Rough Grind has released the first single Gilded Cage from their forthcoming EP Trouble or Nothing, which will be out on July 13th (Inverse Records).
Rough Grind continues to deliver strong messages with an uncompromising attitude and their unique blend of hard rock and heavy metal. The band decided to write Gilded Cage, because they’re fed up with ignorant “sheeple” and hypocrite politicians who are not doing anything to stop the growing fear, hatred and inequality.
Rough Grind’s previous release Four for the Road (EP 2017, Inverse Records) was received well worldwide and got airplay in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia.
Watch the music video for Gilded Cage on Inverse Records’ YouTube channel:

Single is also available on:
“Son of a Gun” (EP/2014)
“The War Nobody Won” (Single/2017)
“Dead End Street” (Single/2017)
“Four for the Road (EP/2017)
“Gilded Cage” (Single/2018)
“Trouble or Nothing (EP/2018)
Sami (vocals/guitars)
Ville (guitars)
Ari (bass)
Killi (drums)


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